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Small Business Snippets

Dec 9, 2021

Small Business has partnered with the Current Account Switch Service to bring you vital information on switching your business bank account.

In this roundtable session, Lawrence Gosling hosts banking experts and small businesses to talk about switching business bank accounts and why entrepreneurs are hesitant about it.

The speakers are:

  • Moderator: Lawrence Gosling, Editorial Director, Bonhill Group plc
  • Liz Barclay, Small Business Commissioner
  • Chris Pond, Chair, Financial Inclusion Commission CASS INED
  • Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer, Starling Bank
  • Jo Ainsley, Senior Services Lines Manager, Current Account Switching Service
  • Edwin Rodrigues, Business Manager, Noah's Ark Media Ltd
  • Frederic Jean-Baptiste, CEO, Customs & Freight Ltd
  • Suelin McCullough, Director, JSGD Ltd
  • James Shadimehr, Director, Garage Nation and Events Management 

They also discuss what businesses need from their bank and why some entrepreneurs are struggling with the shift to digital.